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Connecting our clients to best services and productsTopClass Communications is a leader in Mobile Phones, Parts and Accessories. We have extensive experience in spare parts, Lcd screens of major brands, apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia and more. we are proud to offer quality services and products.TopClass Communications is a trade mainly , selling to over 300 business to business and business to consumer and reseller partners. TopClass Communications have 35 employees across four sites in the UK, Sweden, Lebanon and China.TopClass Communications helps independent mobile phone retailers, resellers and channel partners to grow thier business, by taking emerging product and services, to market whilst growing established brands using a range of value-added services.By exploring our digital brochure, you will be able to learn and understand the history of our experience, the experience we developed and passed on to our business partners, our aim always to give our partners the confidence and the peace of mind to have them focussed in their business knowing they are always backed up with experience.Year after year, we have built that confidence, that has made our partners work along our way, and we aim to keep up building this confidence to go over and over many countries.

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We are trusted throughout our experience.

We select who we use to partner up with, that makes us leaders on providing best innovative ideas and products to our clients.

Our quality service we deliver, is to make sure our staff collaborate and be more responsive and experts every time to assure our them know your business very close.

We understand that you need to work with a distributor you can trust, which is why we’ve spent over 25 years developing our specialisms. We can offer you the very best technical knowledge at every stage, with hardware and software repairs.

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